I’m Hungry

[November 22, 2000. I pick nine-year-old Paris up from school. As soon as we get in the car, she starts.] (Luckily, I had the tape recorder on.)

P: I’m hungry I’m hungry I’m hungry.
F: What do you want to eat?
P: I don’t know. I’m hungry I’m hungry I’m hungry I’m hungry I’m hungry…
F: Alright! We’ll get something to eat.
P: I’m hungry I’m hungry I’m hungry…
F: Do you want a sandwich from the Magic Bean store?
P: I don’t feel like that now.
F: Well, tell me where you want to eat and we’ll go there.
P: I don’t know where I want to eat. I’m hungry I’m hungry I’m hungry…
F: Do you want to go to the Capitola Book Café?
P: I like the Capitola Book Café.
F: But I don’t know if they’ll have anything you want to eat.
P: I don’t know either. I’m hungry I’m hungry I’m hungry…
F: Will you stop that, you’re driving me crazy.
P: Why?
F: Because you’re making me nervous.
P: Why?
F: Because you are.
P: That’s not a reason.
F: Do you want to go to New Leaf and see what they have?
P: Yes.

[We turn into the Café parking lot.]

P: I thought we were going to New Leaf.
F: After the Café, okay?
P: I want a turkey sandwich.
F: So do I.
P: I’m really hungry. My stomach hurts I‘m so hungry.
F: Didn’t you eat lunch at school?
P: It was too gross. I’m hungry I’m hungry I’m hungry!
F: Okay okay okay!
P: Now you’re doing it.
F: Doing what?
P: Repeating.
F: I can’t do this.
P: Do what?
F: Deal with you.
P: You must be tired. I can tell, because you’re cranky.
F: I’m not tired.
P: Yes you are.
F: We’re almost to the Café, thank god.
P: You said we were going to New Leaf.
F: First the Café, then New Leaf.
P: Okay. But hurry up, I’m starving.

[We go to the café.]

F: No turkey sandwiches on the menu.
P: Ask if they have any.
F: They don’t.
P: How do you know?
F: Because there are none on the menu.
P: They could have one somewhere.
F: They don’t.
P: Ask.
F: You ask.
P: No. You brought me here.
F: You like it here.
P: Not if they don’t have turkey sandwiches.

[I ask. No turkey sandwiches.]

P: The Magic Bean store is just down the road.
F: You said you didn’t want to go there.
P: That was before. Now I’m starving. You have to feed children!
F: I know where we can get the best turkey sandwiches, it’s not very far.
P: I thought we were going to New Leaf.
F: This place is better.
P: Why didn’t you tell me about it?
F: I forgot.
P: You’re tired.
F: I’m not tired. Well I wasn’t tired.
P: Why are you tired?
F: You wore me out.
P: All I said was I‘m hungry.
F: A million times!
P: Don’t exaggerate.

[We drive to the turkey sandwich store, wait in line.]

P: Can I have something to drink?
F: Sure.

[We get our sandwiches, sit outside at a small table.]

P: This table’s too small, I wanna eat in the car.
F: Too messy.
P: Well this table’s too small.
F: I thought you were starving.
P: I was.
F: We’re eating here.
P: If you say so.

[We eat with pleasure.]

F: This is so good.
P: Yeah. And I hope you’re in a better mood. 

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