The Man I Turned To Cement

December 12, 1978
Frances Dream

I was in nurse’s training and Dr. Merangi was there, much more lively and friendly in the dream than she seems to be in my waking life. I made some joke and she really laughed, something about her aura. We were training many student nurses, and we had to spend a day at the Serra Home for Retarded Adults. I had, in reality, worked there, so I knew everyone. The place was really horrible, though in reality it is really nice. In my dream, I sensed it was like an old asylum where people were chained in dungeons, cold, damp, dark … though I didn’t see anyone in chains. Many people knew me and came to me. I felt that I shouldn’t have left them, quit my job there. One young man in particular was angry with me, saying I was responsible for his being torn apart, made into a piece of cement.

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