Trying To Rescue Tim Vargas

December 6, 1988

I just had a dream that me and my husband, Tim Tompkins, were trying to rescue my son, Crazy Timmy. We were looking all over for him, on the mall, the whole area, couldn’t find him anywhere. So finally I pointed and said, “We gotta go out that road.” We followed it but soon there was a fork: a road to the left, a road to the right, and one that curved a little to the right. I pointed to it and said, “Boy that’s a dark road, that’s an evil road. Don’t go that way or we’ll be dead.”

Tim takes the left road and says, “Trust me,” and I go “Should I trust you?” Soon we’re driving along the ocean, just the ocean, flat, beach. Then a little house appears on the right. We stop and look, and Timmy is in there. But there are all these redneck guys too, big guys, twice as big as he is, five times as big as me, four times as big as Tim. So I go in, and Timmy’s sitting on the couch and he can’t even say hello. This big guy is sitting right in front of him, squashing him up against the couch, and Timmy’s going, “Ahhhh”! There’s all these big rednecks, and you know they’re not his friends. I think, Now what are we gonna do now? Just then a little guy comes out of the other room, glasses, kind of meek, and he goes, “We’re gonna rescue Timmy.”
“Okay, we’ll take ’em on.”
Timmy’s still sitting over there all squashed up.

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