Little boy with hands in pockets and little girl holding a partly eaten apple


Timmy Tompkins at 2 in field with Suzy Abbott at 3 (his Eve?) holding partly eaten apple.Belmont, Massachusetts, 1950. Earliest Memories Watertown, Mass., near Harvard, 1948-1949 Electrical Introduction My first memory was seeded by my parents telling me in later years about running round and round the dining room table in our little apartment in …

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Mom, I’m Moving

Suzanne and Tim performing, mid-1970’s (Written 2018July12, about a songwriting event in the dwindling months of 1973, on Seattle’s north side, as Providence slid quietly toward disbanding.) It’s an autumn evening and my girlfriend, Suzanne, is serving one of her big wonderful salads for supper. Baked sweet potatoes too. Perhaps we had already been tripping …

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Dad’s Last Kiss

Watsonville, California, June-Jul 1998   Tom called from Boise to say that Dad was in Saint Luke’s hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU) following a heart attack. It was a shock, given the apparent cardiac fitness that he had maintained for years through the upper body exertion of hand-splitting firewood, particularly during the previous autumn. On …

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Soquel, CA, 1992 Woke from this dream… I was standing “at ease” in my Air Force khakis, in a loose formation of men, in a room bedecked with exhibits of fancy new aircraft navigation and communications equipment, wondering why I let myself be inducted back into The Service, among all these other guys, without so much as a …

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Batteries Included

I stubbed my bare toe on a carpet staple and lost a little blood. A mini tirade took hold of me, directed at the long-gone carpet installers who couldn’t be bothered with details. I wanted to take a close look at the vicious weapon that had lain like a trap for months, waiting to slash …

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Valentine For Frances

Sunrise on the 2nd of January, 2005 I’m flying east while my girl lies asleep with vivid dreams to keep her warm. Ten more nights to go, the longest we’ve ever been apart since our flaming start one score and five-point-six years ago. San Juan Chickens is ready to crow, the master, the graphics, the …

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image of Frances & Tim outside their camper, camping Griswold Canyon

Escape: 1988

Escape, in several dimensions May 1988 FIRST NIGHT OUT, the great escape has at long last begun. Two weeks ago yesterday was our last day of 8 to 5 work, and we had planned to go up into the sticks immediately for a few weeks, then return to Santa Cruz for final preparations (mechanical, printing …

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image of Jan Luby, Frances & Tim at Oregon Country Fair, July 1997

Eyes Closed, dream

San Juan Bautista, California, 2016Feb03 I dreamed that Frances and I were at one of those 1970’s-style hippie parties such as Suzanne, little Gabriel and I occasionally went to in the Oregon countryside around Portland. But this time the location was more like the area around Mendocino, California, with perhaps a couple dozen people – …

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