Big Kite

Big Kite1954         It was early spring, a gusty mid-day Sunday, and Dad felt like “doing” something, as Mom would say with emphasis: elongation and raised pitch. He was in his early thirties and had a touch of cabin fever, after being inside, doing his taxes most of rainy yesterday and facilitating …

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Bikeride Warning

Dream – Bikeride Warning       It is Sunday, the 26th of January, 2020, about 8:20 AM. The aura, and a few details, of a vivid dream persist after I awoke a few minutes ago with my dear wife Frances beside me in our little house in San Juan Bautista. I need to tell …

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VW Gas Tank Dream

March 26, 1979[Spring of 1979 Frances and I were getting acquainted at work but not yet romantically. We both drove VW beetles: hers green, mine white.] Strange comedy dream last night. I pulled into a filling station; just two pumps near some huge storage tanks … no building, no attendant. I hesitated to stop, but …

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The Other Beach

Tim; early December, 1988 I had this dream on our way, stopped for the night in Emma, our home-on-wheels, while driving down from Idaho to California. Frances and I were walking along the beach at night: the sand, the breeze, the ocean waves, the whole bit. We walked along and came upon a card table …

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House Not On Fire

Tim / Dec 3, 1988 / Council, Idaho When we went to bed in our apartment, it was still the third of December, a Saturday. But both of us woke up about midnight, which was unusual.  I had been dreaming that Frances and I were driving in our home-on-wheels, Emma. We were navigating a winding …

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