Didn’t Know My Lines

Tim, 2/19/83, 2066 SW 10th Ave., Portland, OR

I dreamed I had a minor part in a play and I didn’t know my lines at all. I was walking in the forest, had to get back to my bungalow to study my script. Came to a fork in the path and didn’t go the way of my intuition, which led through a square-hewn “doorway” through dense trees, but dutifully went up to the bungalow: cots and foot-lockers like the Air Force at basic training. Just as I was reaching for my script Suzanne showed up asking for help with her costume. I kept looking for my script; she didn’t care that I didn’t know my lines, even thought it was funny. I couldn’t find the script and didn’t want to help her. So I left and decided to build an improvised character – The guy who’s always hungry.

Lonely through the dream, no one like me.

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