Frances & Tim

image of Frances & White Dog in Soquel, CA, 1980

White Dog

Frances, “There’s a dog at our door, Timothy.” Tim, “They’re really loud, the mice.” (Frances: I lay on my stomach on the big bed, kissed and rekissed the inside of Timothy’s knees… I had a feeling of great warmth. Then I heard the scratching on our front door.) We get up, flip on the porch light …

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image of Council, Idaho, Winter 1989, Tim shovels snow a few weeks after black-ice night-drive from California

Driving On Ice

Driving “Emma” the truck from California to Idaho TUESDAY, December 27, 1988. Tim: We got a late start but made it without incident from Santa Cruz to Fairfield … Frances: … where we stopped and I used a pay phone to get the weather conditions: Highway 80 was open, but chains required at Applegate, which is …

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image of Hotel Harrison, Oakland, California

Harrison Hotel

HARRISON HOTEL by Tim Tompkins with help from Frances Tompkins May 1982, West Oakland Angry voices, squealing tires gunshots in the street every night and the police never come. $46.50 a week cheapest room we could find they lock the door to the lobby even in the daytime. It’s almost midnight and someone’s in the …

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image of Tedoc Mountain mouse

Tedoc Mouse

Summer 1981 19 miles from nearest neighbor South of Platina, Tehama County, California Timothy: I was awake almost all of last night … the mouse. There’s a huge mouse who lives in this funky mobile home, with a body … well, at least three-and-a-half inches long, maybe four. Seems huge to me, for a mouse. …

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image of Walnut Street mouse

Walnut Street Mice

December 12, 1980 Pipsqueak voices from the furnace vent newborns in the wall seeking the nipple Frances gave them cheese on a plate they took the grains in the cupboard We gave them the run of the stove they nested in the dresser We offered sanction from the neighbor cats they took the darkroom enlarger …

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