Joseph Weatherbottom

Jack Capps (friend, AKA Joseph Weatherbottom) pumps the shutter bulb to take Frances family shot, 1981 Jack Capps, going by his chosen alias, Joseph Weatherbottom, spent thirty years in a state asylum for the insane after he freaked out as a young man during battle in World War II.  He dresses meticulously in an open-collared …

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Green bananas

Green Bananas

A Play in One Scene by Frances Gallopaway Cast of Characters HARVEY DILL:   Crackpot psychiatrist.  Very tall.WILBUR:  A patient.  Younger.  Short.KATY:   Friend of both. Scene KATY’S living room in a Bohemian beach apartment somewhere in California. Time The present.                                 …

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My Gramma Came Back

May 25, 1991 Tim and I are living on a farm in a cute little wooden house. The whole dream has vegetables and fruit and farm products throughout; we all were always handling home grown food.  Gramma lives with us. It’s the real Gramma Gallaway, younger then when she died, but still old. Short black …

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1979, Soquel, CA From an old Victorian with the roofkindled down lightDeep smoke puffs up and outof the chimney He stands at the hearthwarmed by the fireand by what he is thinking “The bananas, they must almostbe done,” and he relaxes into the feelingof eating them “Jesus it’s hotNo rainNo sun” In the turret, Jennifer …

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Apple Pie

Tim pie face circa 1980, not of Frances’s dream January 12, 1989 I woke from this dream. Timothy and I are sitting on top of a very large apple pie, a mountain of apple pie. I dig my finger into the middle, it turns to crisp paper, which we peel back. We are on the …

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Old Pete

February 1982 SUNSET HOTEL Ballard District, Seattle, Washington We hide in the closet every day, the telling smell of the forbidden fruit for which some dread thing will happen to us if it be known, here in this old hotel. Huge wide corridors, painted walkways, squared in green and light green. Alice’s tunnel. Pete lives …

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