Jennifer (Frances’s daughter)

1979, Soquel, CA

From an old Victorian with the roof
kindled down light
Deep smoke puffs up and out
of the chimney

He stands at the hearth
warmed by the fire
and by what he is thinking

“The bananas, they must almost
be done,” and he relaxes into the feeling
of eating them

“Jesus it’s hot
No rain
No sun”

In the turret, Jennifer combs her long
long yellow hair
She smiles to herself, looks out the window
“He will be here soon,” she says
as if asking a question

White horse
Silver rider

“Jesus it’s hot in here,” he says
sweating bananas inside his silver suit of armor
“I want an ice cream”
He feels the ice cream on his tongue
ripples down his chin

“My elephant is thirsty,” he says
to the beautiful young girl with long
long yellow hair

She curtsies
He rides away

~ Frances

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